Dorset Consultation Document

Consultation on the Dorset Council Local Plan ends on Monday 15th March 2021. Please support our village by sending your views about our future to both the Dorset planners and to the clerk of our Parish Council

How to make your comment: –

  1. Search on the internet for Dorset Council Local Plan Consultation
  2. Press “Comment On the Dorset Council Local Plan”
  3. Press “View & Comment”
  4. Add “personal details” (name, address etc……)
  5. Select “Location” press “Alderholt”
  6. Press “Comment On This Policy” and enter your views
  7. Press “Save”
  8. If possible, also send you comments on an Email to

Action4Alderholt has been doing some background research and has discovered that: –

  1.  Option 1 for 300 new homes does not include the 192 for which planning permission has already been given.
  2.  There will be no moratorium on any further applications until the final plan is adopted in spring 2023 so we can expect more on the way.
  3.  Option1 includes little or no improvement to infrastructure or to access roads to and from the village
  4.  Dorset Council can obtain their overall target for the whole County without including anything in Alderholt.
  5.  Option 2 for “Significant” development (possibly up to 3000 new homes) would involve cooperation from Hampshire County Council and the New Forest District Council which they are unlikely to get due to the already planned expansion of Fordingbridge.
  6.  ANY development in Alderholt puts a huge strain on local services and journeys to employment opportunities many of which are outside Dorset.
  7. No detail has been provided of any potential infrastructure for the “Significant” (3000) option. This is a considerable weakness of the plan, demonstrating that it hasn’t been properly researched.
  8.  Wessex Water are concerned at the level of phosphates entering the River Avon through their sewage plant in Fordingbridge and are therefore favouring no major development sites in Alderholt.

Bearing the above in mind, Action4Alderholt is strongly advising the introduction of an Option 3 which is that there be no further major development in Alderholt as the present 192 houses awaiting building is enough to accommodate any local demand over the period of the Dorset Plan and the overall Dorset plan can be met without spoiling our village life! So, of the two options, Option 1 only becomes acceptable providing the houses already agreed are included in the 300.