Update- October 2019

A4A members have helped the Parish Council with the distribution of the Village Survey forms and would urge everyone to complete these and return them by 25th October. This will help in producing a “Neighbourhood Plan” which can truly reflect the views of our residents.

Since the formation of the new Dorset Unitary Authority earlier this year the original East Dorset plan for up to 2,400 house in Alderholt (with no promise of ANY infrastructure improvements) is “on hold” but not necessarily cancelled. So we are actively seeking further meetings with planning officers in the hope of convincing them that there are better areas in Dorset to put their housing allocations. Bearing that in mind we have received this from Councillor David Walsh: –

“When the Council agreed to write a single plan for the new Dorset area it was agreed that all work on previous plans would stop and obviously that includes the East Dorset Plan. Through the plan process we will be reviewing all evidence gathered and consultation responses already received. I understand your views on development at Alderholt and went on a guided tour of the area with Councillor Tooke who pointed out, in detail, the issues and constraints to development. I am personally leading as Chairman of the Executive Advisory Panel on the new Local Plan and I have been contacted by many people in the Alderholt area and am aware of their views. It was because I knew of strong feelings towards development in your area that I visited it first with your Council representative”

It is worth bearing in mind that Dorset Council and our own Parish Council have agreed to a Climate Change Emergency Plan which will entail severely reducing carbon emissions. The remoteness of Alderholt from employment and public services combined with poor access roads and virtually non existent public transport must be considered to be in our favour! In view of the foregoing it has been decided to postpone a public meeting until we have more news to impart. 

We would like to invite interested parties to join Action4Alderholt by signing up online at www.action4alderholt.co.uk OR by sending an email to action4alderholt@gmail.com OR join via our Facebook page. Meanwhile we are looking for enthusiastic people who understand and can help with updating our website and social media platforms. If you can help, please contact Chris Walker on 01425 655631 OR 07966 451124

Membership is FREE and open to all local residents who support our aims, including those from surrounding villages. The more members we have, the more weight is behind our common cause.


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