The Story So Far

East Dorset District Council (EDDC) are updating the Local Plan to meet government targets which require sites for 2513 more homes.

They propose putting up to 1400 of these homes on green fields around Alderholt, more than doubling the size of the village.

EDDC held a consultation on this from 16th July to 3rd September; many local people objected – many others didn’t hear about the plan until too late.

The Parish Council held an open meeting on 3rd September, attended by over 250 people. People were almost unanimously against the plan and the Parish Council resolved to oppose it, and engage planning experts to help fight our case.

Action4Alderholt is an open group formed to support the Parish Council’s opposition. You can join and get regular updates by emailing

On 20th September Parish Council members and around 50 protesters met our local MP, Simon Hoare. He expressed support for our concerns and agreed to take these up with EDDC


We believe that EDDC’s proposal fails to follow their own policies and the National Planning Policy Framework so we are insisting they reconsider. In particular:

• Local and national policies say that development should be located close to services and good transport links to avoid unnecessary car journeys and increases in carbon emissions.

• The roads around Alderholt are dangerous and in poor repair, bus services are infrequent and at threat of being cut.
• Alderholt is remote from employment, health services and upper schools.
• The character of the village would be changed beyond recognition.
• There are no plans for local jobs.
• Keep the Village Envelope unchanged

Given the state of local government finance,
there is no realistic prospect of improved local roads, transport or employment.

We believe The District Council must put the bulk of development in more accessible locations.

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