Who are we?

Who are Action4Alderholt?

Action4Alderholt is an informal group of residents concerned about the proposal to build up to 2,400 new homes in the village. Our aim is to support the Parish Council to fight the proposals as we believe a development of this size is not suitable for the village.

Where will these homes be built?

Several plots of land were offered for development following a call for sites by East Dorset District Council. These are shown in orange on the map below:

Why are Action4Alderholt objecting?

We believe the Council’s proposal fails to follow their own policies and the National Planning Policy Framework. Local and national policies state that development should be located close to services and good transport links to avoid unnecessary car journeys and increases in carbon emissions- a factor contributing to climate change. However:

  • The roads around Alderholt are narrow, dangerous and in poor repair.
  • Bus services are infrequent and at threat of being cut.
  • Alderholt is remote from employment, health services and upper schools, and the plan does not include additional provision.
  • The character of the village would be changed beyond recognition.

Any potential infrastructure improvement will only happen after the houses have been built. Given the state of local government finance, and considering the failure to deliver promised improvements after past development, there is no realistic prospect of improved local roads, transport, education or employment.

We believe Dorset Council must put the bulk of development in more accessible, sustainable locations.